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Bamboocloud,IAM Leader




Plants with vigorous vitality on the earth are resilient and flexible, implying that they are rooted deeply, thick and thin, and rising steadily.

Infinite possibility


Committed to providing users with efficient, agile and secure identity cloud services to ensure connectivity security in the interconnected world.

Because you are bamboo, tough and tall and straight

Extending the roots hundreds of meters into the soil over a period of several years

And grow wild

You should show your wisdom in the treacherous seas

Must show your energy in the uncertain future!

"Technology in an art, the art will work, the heart in a job, its will move"

Only deep into the IAM field, meticulously, withstand grinding and temper

To shoulder the helmsman mission of identity safety pilot!

Success is not achieved in one move, but only through thick and thin

Bamboocloud is always beyond, bamboo cloud is bound to win the future!

-- Original poetry

《Motivating forward》

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Focus on Identity and Access Management (IAM) Middleware Software and Cloud Security Fields

Bamboocloud focuses on Identity and Access Management (IAM) middleware software and cloud security fields.  As a leading technology company, it has pioneered international and localized functionality of IAM for on-premises deployment and Identity as a Service (IDaaS) for China and foreign markets.  Bamboocloud’s IAM platform supports the integration and communication between multiple applications and application components, ensuring secure access control and compliance audit of on-premises and cloud resources.  IAM innovations by Bamboocloud have been widely applied in digital scenarios of "smart + city and industry + digital transformation", enabling efficient, intelligent, and secure interconnection among government, enterprises, consumers, applications, and devices/IoT (Internet of Things).  Since 2013, as the domestic pioneer of IAM, Bamboocloud has hundreds of clients including Sinopec, Shell China, Starbucks China, China Telecom, CITIC Group, China Merchant Bank, Union Pay, Air China, etc.  Notable investors include Sequoia China, Oriental Fortune Capital and Fortune Venture Capital among others.

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Geo distribution

40F, Block A2, Creative City, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

In May 2020, Bamboocloud established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Qingdao-Qingdao Bamboocloud Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, with R&D centers in Shenzhen, Beijing and Chengdu.
It has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Chengdu and Hefei.

  • Beijing
  • Xi'an
  • Shanghai
  • Chengdu
  • Hefei
  • Hangzhou
  • Qingdao
  • Wuhan
  • Shenzhen
  • Guangzhou
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Bamboocloud insists on independent innovation and continuously increases R&D investment, with solid technical accumulation and rich service experience. The core team mainly comes from the core executives and technical backbones of well-known enterprises at home and abroad, and has a large number of technical business experts with more than 10 years of industry experience.

<  Core technologies  >


IAM platform utilizes AI
Provides intelligent risk identification for organizations

  • Abnormal behaviors
  • Illegal access
  • Hidden attacks

Intelligent risk identification is carried out on all access behaviors in the platform, and various risks such as abnormal behaviors, illegal access, hidden attacks and the like in the process of digital identity access are combined in an authentication chain, to realize access control from static to dynamic, sense the environmental change in the process of user access in real time, dynamically adjust the security control policy, continuously evaluate the security and risk status of equipment, systems, users and data streams, and provide intelligent defense and protection for digital identity security.

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Numerous industry head customers

  • Manufacture
  • Energy
  • Military
  • Finance
  • Automobile
  • Government

Bamboocloud has many top customers in the industry, such as government, finance, manufacturing, energy, military, automobile, real estate, etc, and also signed up more than 10 ministries and commissions ( including NDRC, SASAC, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, etc.),  more than 40 central enterprise headquarters and hundreds of large-scale conglomerates( including Sinopec Group, CNOOC, China Resources Holdings, China Telecom, China Southern Power Grid, etc.) and more than 50 financial institutions ( including China Life Insurance, China Merchants Bank, China Guangfa Bank, etc.)

<  strategic partners  >


Shareholders are strategically invested by well-known domestic investment institutions

  • Sequoia China
  • Huawei habo
  • Qianhai FoF
  • OFC
  • FCM
  • Shenzhen Investment Holdings
  • Capital development investment
  • Ziyu capital
  • S&T Development Institute
  • Technology financial group

Bamboocloud shareholders are strategically invested by well-known domestic investment institutions, including Huawei Hubo, Sequoia China, Qianhai FoF, OFC, FCM, Capital Development Investment and Shenzhen Investment Holdings.

<  bamboocloud honor  >


In 2019, Bamboocloud cooperated with relevant national ministries and commissions to complete the formulation of norms and standards for unified user and authority management, and as the core infrastructure of the online supervision system of the the State Council, SASAC and state-owned enterprise, established a standard system and data norms for unified user, authentication, authority management and security audit, providing strong support and security for data exchange and data sharing of SASAC and its subordinate enterprises. 

Bamboocloud won Deloitte China 2022 China Tomorrow Star, and was selected as a representative manufacturer in IAM field in several Gartner industry reports. In 2021, Bamboocloud was selected into Forbes China Top 50 Enterprise Technology and IDC 2021 China Zero Trust Identity Identification and Access Management Technology-Innovator; In 2020, the innovation achievements of Bamboocloud Smart City and Industrial Internet were selected into the 2020 network security technology application pilot demonstration list of the MIIT. In the "2020 China Network Security Capability Map" launched by Digital World Consulting, a third-party research institution in the domestic digital field, Bamboocloud ranked first in the IAM "Identity and Access Control" field and is the primary "representative" enterprise. It also selected as one of the top 100 network security innovation capabilities in 2020; At the same time, it won the Golden Bay Award and the 2019 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Top Ten Outstanding Innovative Enterprises Award, the first place in the top ten solutions of central enterprise network security and industrial Internet, financial technology security and global identity management innovation services and other important industry awards.

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Be at our best

  • 14 +


    More than 14 countries

  • 1000 +

    Large and medium-sized customers

    More than 1000 customers

  • IT service M+

    IT service

    More than 2 million hours IT service
  • 600 +


    Team members



  • ISO20000
  • ISO27001
  • EAL3
  • ISO9001
  • Software Certified
  • CMMI3
  • CTP
  • SC 80+
  • CCRC
  • Patent 80+
  • Classfied Cybersecurity Protection level3
<  honor  >

Glory Moments


Firm and Steady


Completed the shareholding system transformation and officially changed the name to "Shenzhen Bamboocloud Technology Co., Ltd." 

In the "5th Digital China Construction Summit-Cloud Ecological Conference" Central Enterprise Forum, Bamboocloud was the first batch application support manufacturer to enter the cloud of Chinese central State-owned enterprises. 


Haber Technology of Huawei, Qianhai FoF made the strategic investment.

Bamboocloud was selected as "Forbes China Top 50 Enterprise Technology" and IDC 2021 China Zero Trust IAM Technology-Innovator.

Contributed industrial strength and exported many industrial achievements:

◆  IAM White Paper

◆  Smart City Zero Trust Technical Specification

◆  IAM platform integration Specification


had had a market share of more than 30% in the headquarters of Chinese central State-owned enterprises, and had signed contracts with many large-scale group enterprises, such as manufacturing, energy, aviation, etc.

had made a major breakthrough in key industries and innovative business scenario demonstration projects, and completed the C round strategic capital increase of 300 million yuan, which was jointly invested by Sequoia China and Kunlun Capital.

Innovation Achievements Selected in the MIIT 2020 List of Pilot Demonstrations of CyberSecurity Technology Applications.

In "2020 China Network Security Capability Atlas", Bamboocloud ranked first in IAM field, and was the first "representative" enterprise.


Had been undertaking the IAM project construction of the State Council SASAC and take the lead in establishing IAM industry standards and specifications, also providing comprehensive support for the online supervision system of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises.

The capital increase of rounds B and B+ was completed within three months, and had been invested jointly over 100 million yuan by the well-known institutions such as OFC, Fortune Capital, Ziyu Capital, CDIF, Shenzhen Investment Holdings, etc.


Completed the pilot promotion of eight enterprises under the Group and won the NO.1 in the central enterprise  cybersecurity and industrial Internet solutions.

IAM market awareness had significantly improved and the industry was growing rapidly. The company focused on more industry-leading customers, expanding from banking to manufacturing, energy, aviation, automotive, government and other fields.


Bamboocloud has become a domestic product supplier of Sinopec Group's IAM platform.

Complete acceptance test of platform.



Had independently researched and developed the IAM core modules.


Officially launched a complete set of domestic IAM platform.

Before 2013

The core team mainly provided IAM solution consulting, technical training and service delivery to Euro-American customers overseas.