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One click to have all the authentication methods

Bamboocloud AI Authentication, helps your enterprise to easily cope with the following challenges

  • Complex user access environment

    Complex user access environment
    How do secure access to information assets by different users in different locations over different networks and devices?
  • How to fully apply AI

    How to fully apply AI
    How do enterprises empower biometrics to relevant scenarios?
  • Information security faces a major test

    Information security faces a major test
    With the rapid development of big data and artificial intelligence technology, information security is facing a very big challenge and hackers have started to use artificial intelligence technology to strengthen their offensive capabilities.
  • Increasing identity fraud

    Increasing identity fraud
    How to effectively prevent identity fraud and the risk of theft?
  • Sudden changes in user access behavior

    Sudden changes in user access behavior
    How do identify abnormal behavior of users in accessing enterprise applications, data, and services?
  • The equilibrium of security and experience

    The equilibrium of security and experience
    How do guarantee the convenience of user authentication in different scenarios while not losing security?
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is AI identity authentication?

Customers want to easy access to services that cater to their personal preferences, while organizations need to protect their assets and customer data from new fraud and cyber threats. Access management solutions such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) are replacing traditional passwords to improve security. But the limitations of MFA provide an inconsistent user experience, and newer features such as behavioral biometrics, fraud and risk management are often treated as security silos.

You need a simple, secure and future orientated access orchestration solution that ties together the identities, applications and services that at the center of your business strategy. By leveraging the Zero Trust and Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment (CARTA) identity orchestration frameworks, you can balance security and user choice to deliver a more secure and meaningful experience across all digital touchpoints( contact points)  for all users, anytime, anywhere.


Solution Overview

E-account integration authentication service fully considers the future business expansion needs, and provides multiple authentication methods and combinations for Web applications, mobile applications, computers and other channels to log in, aiming at creating an innovative and comprehensive unified security authentication service platform for organizations. The platform provides authentication engine configuration (including biometric authentication, non-biometric authentication and social authentication methods) to realize unified empowerment of authentication services. It provides diversified support means for organizations to apply identity authentication in various channels, and can provide configurable cross-combination authentication services according to different business scenarios, so as to enhance the authentication strength as a whole, and ensure all kinds of requirements of "AI intelligent authentication" business, so as to meet the rapid development of organizations' demand for authentication methods.AI identity authentication(solution overview).jpg

Solution Architecture

E-account is integrated with Zhuyun Risk Engine, which comprehensively evaluates users' access metadata (access time, access location, access habits, access account number, access relationship, access behavior, etc.), intelligently controls the user authentication level according to the user's usage scenario, protects users, applications and authentication in all aspects, and improves the security protection capability of the organization's information system as a whole.

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Rapid Integration

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Protect business security and improve enterprise operation efficiency

  • Preventing security risks

    Preventing security risks

    Effectively circumvent possible identity fraud and avoid business losses to the enterprise as a result.
  • Improving operational efficiency

    Improving operational efficiency

    AI authentication helps organizations avoid the inefficiency of frequently choosing integrated authentication methods.
  • Enhancing user experience

    Enhancing user experience

    Real-time dynamic authentication will enhance the user's operation experience and improve the user behavior.

  • Converged authentication framework 

    One-click authentication empowerment

  • Flexible authentication orchestration

    Intelligent scene authentication

  • Unified authentication source configuration meets the authentication needs of different application channels.

  • Unified API, one-time docking and one-click, with all the authentication methods of the platform.

  • Strong security policy

    Full-stack session lifecycle management

  • Strong identity authentication eliminates the risk of weak passwords and password leakage.

  • Device fingerprint and trust device,

    Unique device identification authentication ID

  • Cross-channel authentication, pushing authentication and encryption-free authentication

    Complete comprehensive authentication with the cell phone as a carrier