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    Integrated Apps

    Bamboocloud IAM platform has been integrated with thousands of applications from different industries, fields and manufacturers.

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    Extensive connectivity and service experience enable us to have connectors for hundreds of common applications, quickly integrate your applications, and improve organizational efficiency and security.

Multi-protocol adaptation

  • SAML
  • OLDC
  • OAuth
  • OpenlD
  • CAS
  • ADFS
  • LDAP
  • WS Federation
  • SCIM
  • Radius
  • 其他

The value of consolidating applications into the IAM platform

  • Break through information silos

    Through the unified identity management platform, all application systems are connected to realize the unified management of user identity and access permissions and establish a scientific management model.

    Break through information silos
  • Achieve business convergence

    Quickly and securely connect various emerging technologies such as AI, big data and cloud, realize seamless integration of offline, mobile, internet and cloud multi-service scenarios, improve operation efficiency and reduce repeated investment in information construction.

    Achieve business convergence
  • Ensure data security

    By establishing a new security boundary-digital identity, it ensures internal and external users' access security and compliance control, and realizes efficient system integration and data security sharing.

    Ensure data security

Partially integrated applications