Intelligent risk identification
improves the information system security and protection capability.

Bamboocloud intelligent risk identification

helps your enterprise to easily cope with the following challenges

  • Mutation of user access behavior

    Mutation of user access behavior
    How do solve the abnormal behavior of users in accessing enterprise applications, data, and services?
  • Brute force cracking still exists

    Brute force cracking still exists
    How do resist persistent password cracking and identity forgery attacks?
  • Increasing regulatory requirements for identity security

    Increasing regulatory requirements for identity security
    How do establish a pre-warning centralized risk control and audit system in-event control and post-responsibility traceability to quickly meet regulatory requirements?
  • Enterprise spy cannot be investigated

    Enterprise spy cannot be investigated
    How can enterprises track users who gain core assets through internal bypass access?
  • Complex user access environment

    Complex user access environment
    How do ensure the security of users accessing information assets through different networks in different locations?
  • Serious external threats

    Serious external threats
    How do effectively prevent hacker's high-frequently attacks and low-frequently penetration?
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is AI risk identification

Bamboocloud AI risk identification solution, as the "brain" of enterprise IAM services to analyze potential or emerging risks, through self-adaptive risk identification mechanism, real-time notification of enterprise user identity, permissions, potential risks of access, to achieve beforehand intelligent risk prevention , intelligent risk blocking during the process, and afterward risk traceability.


Solution Overview

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Solution Architecture

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Solution Features

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<  Application Scenarios  >

  • Intelligently identifying login risk

    Intelligently identifying login risk

    It is applicable to automatically return the account login risk during application login, and perform security operations (such as breakdown, secondary authentication, message notification) based on the returned risk information.
  • Large screen for digital identity risk

    Large screen for digital identity risk

    It is applicable to enterprises that need to quickly grasp the IAM risk situation and trends, formulate relevant information security strategies, and improve information system security protection capabilities.
  • Analysis of user behaviors

    Analysis of user behaviors

    It is applicable to enterprises which need to track users' behavior trace and form user portraits.

  • Risk self-adaptive intelligent identification based on machine learning risk model and embeded 20+ expert rules

  • Flexible authentication orchestration

    Intelligent scene authentication

  • Unified authentication source configuration to meet the authentication needs of different application channels

  • One-click and one-dock unified API with all authentication methods of the platform

  • Strong security policy with the full-stack session lifecycle management.

  • Strong identity authentication managed the risk of weak passwords and password leakage

  • Fingerprint device and reliable device

    Unique device identification authenticates ID.

  • Cross-channel authentication, push authentication and encryption-free authentication

    Completing the comprehensive authentication with the cell phone as a carrier