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IAM is the cornerstone of enterprise digital transformation.

Bamboocloud IAM platform uses AI technology to provide organizations with intelligent risk identification capability, automatically identify all access behaviors in the platform, and combine authentication chains for various risks such as abnormal behaviors, illegal access, hidden attacks, etc. in the process of digital identity access, so as to realize access control from static to dynamic, perceive the changes of security environment in the process of user access in real time, dynamically adjust security control strategies, and continuously evaluate the security and risk status of devices, systems, users and data streams, so as to provide digital identity security.

At the same time, the IDaaS cloud identity security management service integrates many zero-line SaaS applications in the industry, realizes the template and standardization of application access, shortens the implementation delivery cycle, and escorts the rapid expansion of organizational business.

  • 4 innovative product lines

    Basic security product line, enhanced security product line, cloud security product line, and innovative business scenario line to meet the needs of customers at different business stages.
    4 innovative product lines
  • 14 products cover the whole scene

    The full-stack IAM product line, from PC, mobile, Internet to cloud, from 2E to 2B to 2C to 2IoT, meets a variety of business scenarios and customer needs.
    14 products cover the whole scene
  • ALL independent intellectual property products

    From the bottom-level code development, completely independent and controllable localization technology has broken the long-term technical monopoly situation of several foreign manufacturers in the field of identity security management and access control.
    ALL independent intellectual property products
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Six basic service functions of Bamboocloud IAM platform

  • Unified Identity Management

    Realize the full-closed-loop user electronic identity life cycle management.
  • Unified Access Control

    Improve user experience and work efficiency.

  • Unified Certification Management

    Integrate authentication framework to improve the security level of user access.

  • Unified Permission Management

    Divide powers into domains to realize intelligent management of authority.
  • Intelligent Risk Management and Control

    Monitor and warn all kinds of risks in real time, and improve the border security of identity management.
  • User Compliance Audit

    Support log analysis and report statistics, and provide an effective data base for business analysis.

In addition to the above basic service capabilities

The Bamboocloud IAM platform also has the following functions

  • Native IAM Products

    1. The whole life cycle management of users

    2. Account management

    3. Unified authentication

    4. Multi-factor authentication

    5. Compliance audit

    6. Risk control

  • Cloud IAM Products

    1. Unified identity management

    2. Unified authentication

    3. Single sign-on

    4. Intelligent risk control

    5. Compliance audit

    6. Identity big data

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Fusion Intelligence Reliability Enablement

  • Improve efficiency

    01- The opening, adjustment, and closing of accounts and permissions changed from 1-2 days to real-time.

    02- Apply fast access.

    03- Automatically output the compliance audit report and complete the authority correction.

  • Meet laws, regulations and policies.

    01- Cyber Security Law

    02- Network Security Level Protection 2.0



  • Cost reduction

    According to Gartner's data, a company with 10,000 employees can achieve a 300% ROI only through identity automation management, save $3.5 million in three years, reduce 14000hours of operation and maintenance time every year, and free up 6000hours of help desk time.
  • Ensuring safety

    01- Unified authentication, authorization and audit

    02- State Secret Algorithm

    03- Eliminate orphan and zombie accounts

    04- Reduce data leakage