API Gateway
One-stop management of API services
  • Resource intensive management

    Resource intensive management

    Maximizing the reuse of API services, promote mutual leverage among enterprises/departments/partners, and create API economy.

  • Full lifecycle service

    Full lifecycle service

    It provides a simple, fast, low-cost and low-risk API hosting service, and forms a complete API publishing, management and maintenance life-cycle system.
  • Convenient operation

    Convenient operation

    Service providers can open data or services quickly, with low cost and low risk by simply operating.



API Gateway for applications with public capability sharing needs in the enterprise, unified solution: authentication, routing, flow control, fusion,  timeout handler, protocol conversion, data caching, data access control, monitoring analysis, monitoring alarm, audit log, etc., through API Gateway, opening the proprietary/specific/mature capability of the application realize the business, function, asset and data servitization and promote capability reuse. It provides almost all public functions required for API opening, including authentication, routing, flow control, fusion, timeout handler, protocol conversion, data caching, monitoring analysis, audit logs, etc. The enterprise technology management department enhances the overall control ability and realizes the unified governance of enterprise APIs through the coordinated management of the API gateway.


  • Data cache

    Cache the configuration metadata of the gateway platform to provide the overall access speed; For API with query type and infrequent data changes, data caching can effectively reduce the back-end service pressure; Managers configure whether to enable data caching according to API service characteristics.

  • Flow control

    API traffic thresholds can be configured in the gateway, such as the number of requests per second, per minute and per hour. When the traffic exceeds the threshold, new requests will be intercepted by the gateway to ensure the normal operation of back-end services.

  • Fusing treatment

    When the service times out and the error rate exceeds the threshold, stop the API's external service, avoid the worker thread waiting for a long time, and restore the service link after the service is normal. Ensure the external stability and performance of the gateway, and the whole gateway will not be blocked due to the slow response of individual APIs or the inability to provide services.
  • Monitoring and auditing

    Record API call details; From the latitude of the client application, count which APIs it has called, the calling situation, etc. Average API response time, call times, total times, number of successes and failures and other latitude reports; Daily statistics, including current limit log, fuse log, etc.
  • Authority control

    The calling authority can be controlled for different consumers. When a service request is received, the API gateway controls the authority according to the information in the request parameters.


  • Enterprise API Governance


    Easily realize API management systematization, normalization and standardization. Currently, the API economy is on the scene with microservice architecture emerging, every enterprise and system is APIing. However, it leads to unsystematic, repeated development and  stovepipe construction, resulting in the redundancy and waste of resources in the process of rapid development. The Bamboocloud API Gateway can comprehensively govern various aspects of enterprise API management, publishing, opening and access control, etc., and make API management systematic, normalization and standardized.

  • Building API Ecology


    Easily realize intra-enterprise and inter-enterprise deep partnership and establish API ecological economy. By providing standardized API services through Bamboocloud API Gateway, API service providers can open their business and data capabilities with confidence, allowing intra- and extra-enterprise consumers to integrate different API capabilities into their own applications, cooperate with each other, derive new services, promote cross-border innovation of enterprises, and establish API ecological economy. 

  • Multi-network and multi-terminal support


    One API service management system can be with multi-network and multi-terminal support. Through Bamboocloud API Gateway, applications only need to develop APIs under their own familiar technical framework, can support multi-scene API access requirements of PC Internet, mobile Internet and IoT multi-network and multi-terminal devices, and enterprises only need to operate and maintain one set of APIs, which greatly reduces operation and maintenance costs and complexity.

  • Data level protection


    It supports enterprises to configure different access policies for different consumers/ scenarios and realize data-level security access control within API. Through Bamboocloud API Gateway, enterprises can create access policies for APIs and control the scope of data visibility for consumers, significantly improving the security of data access and reducing the workload of API development and operation and maintenance costs.



Through the API gateway, the API services exposed by each system are managed in an overall way, and unified authorization, security isolation, unified flow control, reduction of research and development costs and one-stop management are clear and consistent.APIG.jpg


  • Support service protocol conversion

    API gateway is compatible with heterogeneous interface types, and service providers can develop interfaces in various forms. After registering on APIG, exposing Restful format interface services to the outside world commonly through protocol transformation.

    Support service protocol conversion
  • Support service fusing function

    Guarantee the external stability and performance of the gateway, so that the entire gateway will not be blocked due to slow response or unavailability of services from individual APIs.

    Support service fusing function
  • Support service Rate Limit function

    When the rate of flow exceeds the thresholds, new incoming requests will be blocked by the gateway to ensure that the back-end services can operate normally.

    Support service Rate Limit function
  • Support API data level access control

    Support configuring different access scope policies for different consumers.

    Support API data level access control