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Bamboo Gather Strength Cloud Create Future

Clarity · Quality · Value

  • Plants with vigorous vitality on the earth are resilient and flexible, implying that they are rooted deeply, thick and thin, and rising steadily.

  • Committed to providing users with efficient, agile and secure identity cloud services to ensure connectivity security in the interconnected world.

  • Vision

    Between individuals, enterprises, governments and all things.

    Establish a secure and efficient connection.

    Make people's lives better.

  • Value

    Clarity · Quality · Value

  • Mission

    Leading the continuous development of advanced digital technology in the industry.

    Provide customers with trustworthy service.

Over the years, Bamboocloud stick to IAM field

The team and the enterprise grow together, because we firmly believe

  • 01


    The rise of IAM field in China is the inevitable trend after the rapid development of domestic informatization. Bamboocloud is the earliest and the leader in IAM field.

  • 02


    Bamboocloud has brought together many senior experts in IAM field in China. They are excellent technical leaders and can help the new forces to maintain their strength.

  • 03


    We have an open, dynamic corporate culture, a positive team, simple and pragmatic diligence. Here you will quickly integrate into the team and get unlimited development opportunities.

  • 04


    We can realize our common ideal here by gathering sentient beings and righteous people and doing what we started and finished.

Join Us

You and we Climb the peak of IAM together

Our enthusiasm for struggle is always on the road.

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