Visual management of permissions

Bamboocloud Intelligent permission management

Help your enterprise to easily cope with the following challenges

  • Too many accesses for permission requests

    Too many accesses for permission requests
    There are many accesses for permission application, many processes, and a long permission opening period.
  • Unclear definition of permissions

    Unclear definition of permissions
    There are many terms defined for permissions, which are not easy to be understood.
  • No unified permission model

    No unified permission model
    The variability of the permission model of each application is large, and the permission review mechanism is difficult to implement.
  • No unified permission development framework

    No unified permission development framework
    Application systems are repeatedly developed and resources are wasted.
  • Lack of permission compliance checking mechanism

    Lack of permission compliance checking mechanism
    No permission mutual exclusion rules in enterprises and the situation of abusing permission is serious.
  • Large volume of grants and low efficiency

    Large volume of grants and low efficiency
    Lack of automated authorization mechanism, unable to achieve approval and effect.
<  WHAT  >

is the Intelligent permission management?

Bamboocloud BPC is user-centered, solves the enterprise currently facing problems, including difficult opening, query, recovery and management, etc., realizes the centralization, automation, standardization, security, visualization, intelligence, rationalization and efficiency of enterprise panoramic business permissions, accelerates the construction of enterprise permission management through permission portrait capability, improves security, efficiency, experience and reduce the cost of permission management and maintenance.


Solution Overview

With centralized authority management as the core, establish a standardized management mechanism for enterprise authority governance. Reduce enterprise software development and management costs, improve management efficiency, and enhance compliance and supervision capabilities.

Intelligent permission management(solution overview).png

Solution Architecture

The architecture adopts the layered design concept, and the top layer is the user permission center, where users can apply for permission by themselves at the unified permission application portal. The scheme provides a complete model system, which can support RBAC, ACL, ABAC, TBAC and other permission models, and at the same time supports user-defined models. The core services include: application permission initialization, unified authorization service, unified authentication service, hierarchical decentralization service, permission delegation service, etc.Intelligent permission management(architecture solution).jpg

Compliance Audit of Permission

Intelligent permission management(Compliance Audit of Permission).png

1. Auditors and security personnel establish compliance audit rules through the authority center, such as the compliance mapping relationship of SAP posts and roles.

2. The user's application authority is not in compliance, and the approver can choose exceptions, rejections and other ways to pass the compliance requirements.

3. The authority center informs the user of the authority result of the authority by mail or to-do.

4. Regularly examine and audit the contents of authority and post compliance, including authority compliance reports, etc.

<  Application Scenario  >

  • Unified application of permission

    Unified application of permission

    Centralized operation and maintenance and management mode, automated distribution of permission, avoid repeated process application.

  • Intelligent recommendation and permissions

    Intelligent recommendation and permissions

    Permissions recommendation and intelligent adaptation improve user experiences.
  • Automated permission of post

    Automated permission of post

    The unified post permission is convenient for users to search and apply for permissions.

  • Unified permission framework to reduce the repetitive application development.

  • Permission module with centralized management, facilitates the regular compliance audit.

  • Automated granting of permission to reduce the workload of operation and maintenance management.

  • Unified applying access and approval process to improve user experience and work efficiency.

  • Strictly auditing the release of application improve its quality.

  • Centralized application management prevents risks.

  • Users use on-demand to improve usage efficiency.

  • Unified audit and supervision access realizes the whole process of risk control.