Industrial agent
Digital consultant of top-level industrial design
Industrial agent
  • General


    From industrial insight, industrial service to effectiveness evaluation, realize the closed loop of industrial governance business.
  • Deep


    From macro-environment, meso-industry to micro-enterprise, it makes insight analysis on regional economic and industrial environment.
  • Accurate


    It is based on the industrial chain analysis, combined with the corporate portrait model, to achieve the accurate matching of investment promotion, demands and policies.


Industrial Agent

Industrial Agent is a digital platform that taps the value of big data in the industrial chain, promotes the efficient allocation of resource elements, and supports important decisions of industrial development. Based on the economic analysis and judgment model of bamboo cloud accumulation and precipitation, she analyzed and mined the regional economic data, deeply gained insight into the economic situation, industrial development, key projects, resource utilization, etc., combined with the regional self-positioning and external benchmarking conclusions, defined the advantages and shortcomings of regional economic development, identified the development direction and opportunities, promoted the rational and efficient allocation of resources, and supported customers to form the guiding ideology and basic ideas of economic and industrial development. At the same time, from macro-economy, meso-industry to micro-enterprise, multi-dimensional analysis and judgment are carried out to help customers effectively take the pulse of regional industrial track, promote reasonable investment and intelligence introduction, make precise policy to help enterprises, scientifically evaluate the construction effect, and provide decision-making reference for high-quality development of regional economy and optimization of business environment.


Industrial Agent
  • Flexible and configurable business process

    The built-in BPM of appeal service and policy service can be used for rapid process modeling in a graphical drag-and-drop way, which effectively supports the rapid creation and flexible configuration of the process of appeal handling business and policy declaration business.

  • Multidimensional and configurable model

    By adopting multiple analysis dimensions and diversified indicators, the model can include a wider range of data in data analysis. At the same time, it can ensure that when some data are missing, the model can adjust the weight and use the available data for effective calculation. The system supports the configuration of various models to adapt to different situations in different regions.
  • Realizing industrial service through multi-screen cooperation

    It supports customers' usage requirements in different scenarios, organically combines PC desktop, mobile Web and digital large screen, and allows customers' different businesses to be handled through different terminals, thus maximizing work efficiency.
  • Full integration of technology with government and enterprise business

    Based on the mainstream digital technology solutions of big data, cloud computing and other industries, we will fully empower business areas such as enterprise appeal transfer, benefit enterprise policy exemption, accurate matching of enterprise supply and demand, and evaluation of business stability, so as to ensure that customers' "digitalization of industrial governance" will truly land.


Industrial Agent
  • Industrial economic analysis and evaluation

    It provides digital and scientific data support for industrial economic development planning around the application scenarios such as macro-political and economic situation, regional industrial inventory, industrial development benchmarking, industrial investment map, and evaluation of the effectiveness of park buildings.
  • Regional efficient investment attraction

    It solves the three problems of "difficult to determine the investment target, difficult to judge the investment value and difficult to manage the investment process" of users, and sets up a "bridge and link role" between customers and overseas high-quality resources.
  • Meeting all demands of enterprises

    One-click submission, intelligent handling and timely feedback of appeals are committed to solving many problems faced by enterprises in the process of development and growth, which cannot be solved by enterprises and need the assistance of government departments.
  • Policy subsidy and free-to-claim enjoyment

    To create a unified policy portal and external service window for customers, and to "gather in one network" the policies of benefiting enterprises such as market development, venture financing, and scientific and technological innovation, so as to realize the policy of "enjoying the benefits without application".
  • Matching enterprise supply and demand resources

    Focusing on the industrial ecological chain, building a segmented supply and demand market, providing an interactive window for enterprises in the region to release and dock supply and demand, and building a smart platform for enterprises in the region to dock supply and demand, exchange and interact.
  • effectiveness evaluation in the industrial parks and buildings


    The objective evaluation of the building industry in the park is completed through multidimensional data analysis such as "comprehensive strength, economic benefits, infrastructure, park strength, technological innovation and human capital".


Industrial Agent



Industrial Agent
  • Security mechanism of seamless connection

    Taking advantage of the natural digital identity management and access control system of Zhuyun, the application and data can be safely accessed through all-round guarantee of digital identity life cycle, such as intelligent authentication, identity identification, authority control, risk warning and compliance audit.
    Security mechanism of seamless connection
  • Flexible product model and mechanism architecture

    It supports the mode of "core products (insight, wisdom, service, evaluation)+customization", loosely couples the design mechanism, can be flexibly split and combined according to customers' needs, adapts to the construction modes such as "small incision and small scene" and "large incision and large scene", fully conforms to the principle of "benefiting from the old+innovation" of the government and park customers, and meets customers' various construction needs such as leak detection and vacancy filling, upgrading and transformation.
    Flexible product model and mechanism architecture
  • The "wisdom consultant" of regional economy and industry

    Insight and analysis on the regional economic and industrial environment from macro situation to micro factors, and help customers understand all the industrial factors in the region, grasp the constraints of regional development and form the guiding ideology of industrial development through big data empowerment.
    The "wisdom consultant" of regional economy and industry
  • Highly in line with national industrial planning and policies.

    It is highly in line with the needs of industrial digital transformation and industrial modernization in the national "14th Five-Year Plan"; Support localization deployment, in line with the current national demand for information security.

    Highly in line with national industrial planning and policies.