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Dong Ning, the Founder of Bamboocloud, Named in 2023 Forbes China’s Top 20 Promising Businesswomen


The Forbes China Women's Summit was successfully held on May 26, 2023, at the Bund in Shanghai. The summit brought together exceptional women from various fields including business, philanthropy, technology, and art, to showcase the strength and influence of women in contemporary China. In this dynamic era, an increasing number of exceptional women are harnessing their unique leadership qualities to drive both financial and societal value for enterprises.


Distinguished speakers at the summit included Wang Jinyi, Project Analyst at UN Women China Office, Professor Li Xiujuan from China Europe International Business School, and Zhang Wenyi, Vice President of Amazon Global and Executive Director of Amazon Web Services Greater China. They shared fascinating insights on women's empowerment, leadership, and cutting-edge digital technologies. Chen Fengfeng, Editor-in-Chief of Forbes China, engaged in a dynamic dialogue with Sun Yiwen, Tokyo Olympic fencing champion and member of the International Fencing Federation Athletes' Commission, as well as Ji Wei, Founding Managing Partner of Huaying Capital, further enriching the discussions.


The "2023 Forbes China's Top 20 Promising Businesswomen" named 20 exceptional women entrepreneurs who have shown remarkable progress over the past three years. These entrepreneurs have established themselves as industry frontrunners with their exceptional operational excellence, growth potential, and substantial impact on both the industry and the public. Notably, Dong Ning, the visionary founder of Bamboocloud, was among the honorees.


Dong Ning, who previously held positions as the General Manager of the Technology Planning Department and a board member at Skyworth, embarked on an independent entrepreneurial journey in 2023. She led a technology team in-depth research on the core technologies of the IAM (Identity and Access Management) field. The Bamboocloud's proprietary innovative products have been successfully deployed in the finance, energy, manufacturing, healthcare, and government sectors. Shareholders of the company include renowned domestic investment institutions such as Huawei Hubble, Sequoia China, Qianhai FoF, Oriental Fortune Capital, Fortune venture capital, Capital Development Investment Fund Management, and Shenzhen Investment Holdings Co., etc.



As the founder of Bamboocloud, Dong Ning pioneered the introduction and implementation of cutting-edge global IAM concepts, solutions, and technology in China. She is also actively involved in philanthropic endeavors. In 2016, she took the lead in establishing the inaugural national association for women entrepreneurs, where she currently serves as the president. Through this remarkable initiative, she has successfully created an innovative and collaborative platform for over 1,000 women entrepreneurs across diverse domains such as technology, culture, education, and services.


Women have been entrusted with diverse multifaceted roles and disruptive attributes in the current era. Chinese women are emerging with exceptional ingenuity and resolute resolve, delivering substantial contributions to the advancement and progression of society. Looking ahead, we anticipate witnessing an increasing number of women bravely and steadfastly onto broader platforms, embarking on a journey to actualize their ideals and values!