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Dongfeng Motor Corporation, founded in 1969, is one of China’s largest automobile groups. Our main business covers an entire range of commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, auto assemblies, parts and components, machines and equipment, and other automobile-related products and services. Currently, DFM's sales revenue reached 90 billion USD in 2018 and has 150,000 employees.
Scale 160,000+ users
Requirements Unified identity, unified certification, standardized construction, risk compliance
Products BIM BAM
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REASONS for choosing Bamboocloud

  • Strong product adaptability

    Adapting to multi-service scenarios
  • Complete overall solution

    It can solve the challenges faced by the group's existing identity and authentication management.
  • Experienced technical team

    It can provide a strong guarantee for the successful landing of the project after many project case scenarios.
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  • 1
    The application scope, process and personnel coverage are incomplete, and the increasing applications and account security for employees of the whole group need strong support from the unified identity platform.
  • 2
    Management is not automatic, online functions are limited, and automation is not fully realized. As a result, most of the practical work in the process of user management is mainly done by offline notification, which is manually maintained by administrators, and the workload is heavy.
  • 3
    Poor user experience and full integration of some application systems lead to frequent user name and password input.
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  • User life cycle management

    It realizes user real-name registration system, user self-service and security auditability, realizes account authority audit report, identifies orphan accounts, zombie accounts, etc., and reports and processes them in time, so that account authority can be queried and traced.

  • Unified certification center

    Building a unified login portal to provide convenient login methods; Establishing unified authentication access specification and realizing multiple single sign-on protocols; User authentication fails to lock, abnormal login alerts, authentication information changes can be queried, and user login application system access track can be queried and traceable.

  • Personal self-service center

    Users can view personal information, modify passwords and view account rights, check the account access footprint and set account authorization. Users can delegate some of their application account usage rights to others, and set a time limit.

  • Microservice architecture

    It is integrated and matched with the PaaS platform of the group, providing identity management services, unified authentication services, user self-service, single sign-on services, security audit services and data synchronization services.
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  • 1 1
    Centralized management breaks through information soils, and realizes its and service sharing of account data.
  • 2 2
    Simplifying the application and providing unified login and entrance, which reduce the memory burden of employees, and realize one person, one account and one password.
  • 1 3
    Improving service level and efficiency, applying unified management, establishing management norms and improving the efficiency of information system construction and management.
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Dongfeng Motor Group

Since Bamboocloud technology team was stationed in the field, it was able to actively communicate with the person in charge of each system platform in the early stage of demand research, which ensured high-quality demand analysis and laid a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of the system. During the implementation process, your project team, product team and other personnel, relying on rich experience, professional professionalism and strong communication skills, carried forward the spirit of hard work, worked overtime continuously for a long time to ensure the construction period, and completed the project implementation and launch on time. Thank you for providing such professional services and we hope to have more in-depth cooperation with you in more fields in the future.
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