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Country Garden is a high-tech integrated enterprise that creates a better society with our existence.Country Garden is a constituent company of Hang Seng Index and Fortune Global 500 company listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2007, and its annual tax payment exceeds CNY 60 billion. We will strive to be a transparent enterprise that shoulders its due social responsibility and makes unremitting efforts for the progress of society.
Scale 200,000+users
Requirements Unified identity management, unified authentication, and authority management.
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REASONS for choosing Bamboocloud

  • Advanced technology architecture

    The platform micro-service architecture is supported, which can meet the management requirements of 30w+ massive users of the group.
  • Mature scheme with right management

    Fine-grained authority management has been implemented in Guangfa Bank, which meets the group's requirements for authority management.
  • Rich technical experience

    It has the ability to quickly integrate with multiple business systems.
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  • 1
    The system does not manage the access rights of users' various application systems in a unified way, resulting in potential information security risks.
  • 2
    When building a new business system, the repeated construction of the user management system also brings great difficulty to the process audit.
  • 3
    Decentralized identity management results in resource waste and system collaboration complexity, which increases management cost and management risk.
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  • Identity governance

    Managing Country Garden 300+ application accounts and 200,000+user identities, including account identification, account classification and account grading. Building a standard and unified identity database and providing a closed-loop automatic management mechanism for users' whole life cycle. Realizing the normalization, comprehensiveness, precision, automation and security management of Country Garden user identity.
  • Access control

    The full-stack SSO service system construction provides One ID One PassWord service to build a unified integration authentication framework, integrate the existing authentication methods of Country Garden, unify the authentication API, provide flexible authentication scheduling function, and quickly adapt to Country Garden 2FA and MFA authentication scenarios.

  • Compliance audit

    Providing identity compliance management analysis services, such as rights portrait and rights compliance review. Providing user access behavior analysis services, including login/logout, access track tracking and other services. Providing identity operation and maintenance management and analysis services, such as abnormal interfaces, synchronization process tasks, identity monitoring and early warning services.
  • Security monitoring

    It performs centralized access control on the equipment, and monitors the application status in real time.
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  • 1 1
    Improving operation and maintenance efficiency and realizing centralized operation and maintenance management mode. Getting through the customer service system to realize automatic dispatch and centralized operation and maintenance of authority.
  • 2 2
    Process automation. After the approval process is completed, it will be automatically configured to the corresponding system to realize the automatic distribution of permissions.
  • 1 3
    Improving the efficiency of compliance audit. Through the four-in-one permission compliance audit scheme, the whole process of closed-loop management is realized, such as regular inspection of permission, notification of permission results to users by the permission center through mail and to-do list, automatic measures taken by the system, and establishment of monitoring audit statements.
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Country Garden

Bamboocloud closely cooperated with us to carry out the project implementation since the project team of Country Garden unified identity security management was stationed in the field. IAM project requires high flexibility and expansibility of products. Project managers and architects have rich experience in IAM field projects, and can provide a variety of adaptive solutions according to our requirements. With standard product interface, application manufacturers can quickly complete application access according to the interface and specification manual.
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