Identity Management Boosts Smart Aviation

Shenzhen Airlines Co., Ltd. was established in November, 1992, mainly engaged in air passenger, cargo and postal transportation. By June 2018, the main body of Shenzhen Airlines owned nearly 210 Boeing 737, Airbus 330, 320, 319 and other types of passenger aircraft, and operated nearly 300 domestic and international routes.
Scale 2,000+users
Requirements Unified identity management, unified authentication management, unified audit management, and online behavior control.
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REASONS for choosing Bamboocloud

  • Having many cases of replacing foreign products

    In many projects, the foreign identity management suite has been successfully replaced, and the product has powerful functions.
  • Rich product application scenarios

    The product supports unified identity management of mobile applications, which meets the project requirements.
  • Localized service team

    It can support the project landing efficiently and quickly.
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  • 1
    The original foreign identity management products can't meet the rapid development of the company's business and don't have the function of mobile terminal.
  • 2
    The data of business system and HR system are maintained independently, and there are data islands, so the informatization efficiency cannot be improved.
  • 3
    The original product can't quickly integrate application systems with different architectures.
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  • Unifying user identity data source

    As the data source of all users' identities in the platform company, it realizes the process automation management from HR system to EIP.

  • Building a unified authentication access platform

    To realize authentication methods of multiple security levels, and to strengthen the security control of the application system.
  • Improving the data system

    On the basis of data sorting, a perfect data management and maintenance system has been formed through the platform.
  • Strengthening the management of online behavior

    Through the docking with the network access system, the fortress between users and applications is broken, and the intercommunication between users from internet access to business application systems is realized.
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  • 1 1
    As the authoritative data source of platform user identity, it lays a foundation for the standardization of Shenzhen Airlines information system data by combing and unifying HR and OA data.
  • 2 2
    Through the integration of the platform with the Internet access system and the Internet behavior control system, the user data exchange from the network layer to the application system layer is realized, and the data security of Shenzhen Airlines is protected by monitoring the users' Internet behavior and auditing their identity data.
  • 1 3
    Through the integration with the handheld Shenzhen Airlines App, the one-click login function of scanning code is realized, and the office efficiency of users is improved.
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Shenzhen Airlines Co., Ltd. Information Center

Shenzhen Airlines Co., Ltd. Information CenterYour company's "Shenzhen Airlines Unified Identity Management Platform Construction Project Team" has performed well since its arrival in the field.

Under the background of tight schedule and heavy tasks, they worked hard, worked overtime continuously, and successfully completed the project implementation and launch on time. Their combat effectiveness and cohesion left a deep impression on our technical team, and they were highly praised by our project team colleagues.

Thanks for the professional service provided by Bamboocloud, and hope to make persistent efforts. At the same time, we look forward to further cooperation with Zhuyun in more fields in the future.

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