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IAM—Automobile core component of digital transformation

Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as GAC group, 6601238.SH,02238.HK),headquartered in Zhujiang New Town, is a large joint-stock automobile enterprise listed in both Hongkong and Shanghai Stock exchanges. At present, it has 113,000 employees. Its best place to date in Fortune Global 500 is No. 176.
Scale Thousands of users
Requirements Identity management, authority control, unified authentication, etc.
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REASONS for choosing Bamboocloud

  • High product maturity

    The product supports a variety of standard protocols and interfaces, and can quickly realize application docking.
  • Comprehensive product functions

    The product has comprehensive IAM functions, including user and organization management, authentication strategy management, authentication mode management, audit management, risk early warning and so on.
  • Professional technical team of localization

    It provides a strong guarantee for the smooth landing of the project.
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  • 1
    Users need to memorize multiple sets of user names and passwords.
  • 2
    There is basic access log audit function, but no identity audit function.
  • 3
    The existing user management system lacks the whole life cycle management mechanism, which can't timely and effectively control the account and authority with the change of personnel, and there is a big security risk.
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  • Building a basic platform

    Realizing the basic functions of identity management such as account life cycle management, unified authentication, single sign-on, centralized authorization, auditing, etc.

  • Core service

    Providing user life cycle management and user data synchronization services.

  • End-user self-service

    providing self-service for end users, and users can easily modify personal information and apply for permission.
  • Unified audit

    The platform provides a unified user view to centrally display user account and permission information.
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  • 1 1
    Through the unified identity management platform, efficiently connecting all affiliated enterprises, break the information island together, and realize one platform and one standard.
  • 2 2
    Strengthening refined management, realizing automatic management and control of the whole life cycle of users' electronic identities and centralized authorization and pre-allocation strategy.
  • 1 3
    Through unified authentication across LAN, multi-factor integration authentication and flexible expansion of authentication level, comprehensively improving the security of the group's information assets.
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GAC Group

All the project personnel assigned by your company to our company to be responsible for the unified identity security management system have good professional qualities and professional ethics, bear high project pressure in the project work, are conscientious, skilled, and have a strong sense of responsibility. They can find project problems in time and deal with them. They strictly implement the working procedures during the project process and cooperate with the implementation of this project, which fully reflects your company's high standards and strict requirements.
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