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Identity Management Boosts Smart Finance

Established in 1988, CGB is one of the first domestic joint-stock commercial banks.
It has established 44 directly affiliated branches and 862 operating institutions in 100 prefecture-level cities and above in 24 provinces (municipalities directly under the central government and autonomous regions) and the Macao Special Administrative Region, and has established SWIFT secret banking relationship with 1,319 financial institutions in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, providing quality and comprehensive financial services for more than 300,000 corporate customers, more than 37 million personal customers, more than 46 million credit card customers and more than 36 million mobile financial customers.
Scale 100,000+users
Requirements Identity management, authority control, unified authentication, etc.
Products BIM BAM BPC
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REASONS for choosing Bamboocloud

  • Rich financial industry project cases

    It has landed dozens of financial industry customer cases, and its products cover diversified business scenarios.
  • Strong product stability

    There are 10w users in the whole bank, and the authentication concurrency is high, which requires extremely high product stability.
  • 100% professional original factory service

    Having a localization technical team and being able to respond quickly to customized business requirements.
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  • 1
    The management system of each application user is not uniform, which leads to the identity of the same person in different application systems. Employees need to memorize multiple sets of user numbers and passwords, and log on in different application system interfaces. At the same time, most application systems are still approved and managed manually.
  • 2
    The system administrator did not delete the permissions of each system in time after the employees in the bank and outsourced employees left their posts.
  • 3
    Audit department needs to audit the user's permission compliance twice a year, and check the matching between the user's real information and the human resource management system, the legality of the user's permission configuration in each application, etc. Manual verification is cumbersome, the verification workload is heavy, and it is easy to cause errors and omissions.
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  • User management

    Life cycle management, Centralized management of authoritative data sources, Account number synchronization, Account identification
  • Access management

    Application access authentication, Multi-authentication protocol adaptation, Multi-authentication mode integration, Access policy control
  • Authority management

    Fine-grained authorization of roles, Authorization model modeling, Compliance review, Authority control and allocation
  • Compliance management

    Compliance log storage, Compliance analysis, Compliance report presentation, Compliance and definition
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  • 1 1
    Ensuring the safe use of information assets, and establishing an all-round view of users of the whole bank can centrally display the ownership of users in different systems.
  • 2 2
    Saving costs and improving efficiency. Realizing multi-system single sign-on, and reducing the workload of information department identity, password management and compliance audit.
  • 1 3
    Ensuring identity security and compliance management. Executing system permission allocation strategy based on user role. One-click permission to disable employee resignation. Platform supports automated compliance audit.
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China Guangfa Bank R&D Center No.6 Branch

Since the application project of centralized identity management platform was launched in 2016, Bamboocloud has integrated multiple sets of user systems for the Bank, accessed more than 200 sub-applications of the Bank, and realized the electronic identity life cycle management of the Bank's users, and realized unified authentication management, fine-grained authority management, security audit and other functions. According to the actual situation of our bank, Bamboocloud developed the unified user view (UUV) management for the AD account system, and realized the functions of one-click resignation and user verification of our users that fit our business. In 2019, the application project of the Bank's centralized identity management platform was successfully selected into the financial technology pilot project jointly organized by six ministries and commissions of the People's Bank of China and other countries, which is of great significance.

Ye xx, the project manager of your company, Cao xx, Cai xx and Yang xx, members of the project team, etc. performed well in the implementation process, took the initiative to work overtime to overcome various technical problems, and showed excellent technical level, professional ability and professional accomplishment.

In this regard, we would like to express our deep gratitude to the project team of your company for their support and cooperation with the Bank in the past few years. We hope that your company will continue to maintain a rigorous attitude and efficient team spirit, do all the work of this project with high quality, and strive to build a benchmark project for financial technology pilot projects!

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