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Identity Management Boosts Smart Medicine

Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., Ltd. (“SPH”) is a vertically-integrated and diversified pharmaceutical group. The company has dual listings on the stock exchanges in Shanghai (601607) and Hong Kong (02067) respectively. The company provides leading healthcare services in: Research & Development, Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail. In 2021, SPH reported revenues of US$33.5bn, and it ranked 437th on the Global Fortune 500 list, making the company one of the country’s major forces in the industry.
Scale 8,000+users
Requirements Unified identity management and unified authentication
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REASONS for choosing Bamboocloud

  • Customers with many industry benchmarks

    Independent intellectual property rights, high degree of productization and flexibility, meeting the actual needs of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, have established many industry benchmark customers.
  • Full-stack IAM product line

    The product line covers offline, online, cloud and mobile terminals, which can quickly meet the diversified service development needs of SPH for 2E, 2B and 2C.
  • Full life cycle original factory service

    The team is the largest with many business experts, and it has achieved rapid landing from consultation, planning, implementation and promotion.
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  • 1
    User identity management is scattered and the management type is single.
  • 2
    The application types are diversified and lack of centralized control.
  • 3
    There is no unified user management process from drug R&D design, logistics supply, manufacturing, sales and service.
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  • Unified user management

    Establishing a unified user identity management system of SPH and building a unified user identity database of it to provide a closed-loop automatic management mechanism for users' whole life cycle, unify the identity standardization management construction, realize the normalization, comprehensiveness, precision, automation and security management of drug users' identities, and to reduce the operation and maintenance cost of clients.
  • Unified authentication service

    Providing a unified login portal and is deeply integrated with the portal to realize single sign-on, so that authorized systems can be accessed once.
  • Standardization system construction

    Standardization system constructionIdentity management process and standard construction system, user naming standard, organization and account management standard, password management standard, application integration standard, application authentication management process, user entry and exit management process, etc.
  • Security audit

    The platform provides visual reports, realizes centralized security audit ability before, during and after the event, and reduces security incidents.
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  • 1 1
    Operation management. Through bamboo cloud IAM system, promoting IT integration, optimizing IT resources to save the cost of identification operation and maintenance, and the management and operation ability.
  • 2 2
    Work efficiency. Through bamboocloud IAM system integrating IT information resources to optimize business processes, automate transactional work, which greatly improve the working efficiency of users.
  • 1 3
    Risk management. Through solidifying the IT process of Bamboocloud IAM system, strengthening the security management and information protection of application system, and the risk administration of group will be reduced.
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Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding

Since the start of the project, all the members of the project team have been conscientious, solid in business ability, and rich in experience in enterprise architecture, micro-services, etc., which can quickly solve the problems encountered in the project, and provide corresponding solutions to the individualized needs of the project. The project manager has strong communication skills, and can guide the application integrator to complete the application docking efficiently, so as to realize the rapid access of applications.
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