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Identity Management Escorts Smart Finance

Established in 1994 with a registered capital of RMB57 billion, the Agricultural Development Bank of China (“ADBC”or the “Bank”) is the only agricultural policy bank in China under the direct leadership of the State Council. Currently, ADBC has a total of 31 provincial-level branches, 339 second-level branches and 1,816 county-level sub-branches with a staff of more than 50,000 and a service network covering the whole country.
Scale 2,000+users
Requirements Identity management, authority control, unified authentication, etc.
Products BIM BAM
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REASONS for choosing Bamboocloud

  • Rich in typical financial cases.

    The landed business scenario meets the requirements of the ADBC.
  • Powerful products

    There are interface reservations for later function expansion.
  • Guarantee of technical service capability.

    Technical personnel allocation and delivery plan are complete.
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  • 1
    The Bank has built a new core business system, and there is no unified security certification center for counter and peripheral systems.
  • 2
    Each system is authenticated and logged in separately, and the passwords are managed in a decentralized way, which is inconvenient for users to remember.
  • 3
    Tellers can't disable login account in time after leaving office.
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  • Providing unified user information management

    to integrate the unified management of employee user data in the employee management system of ADBC, realizes the centralized management of user data, and to reserve the unified management functions and interfaces of other types of users, so as to provide extended support for the whole life cycle management of users' electronic identities.

  • Building a unified certification center

    to establish a unified, stable and secure identity authentication platform with end-to-end security encryption.

  • Achieving compliance audit

    to provide a sound audit monitoring system, and provide effective statistics and analysis data for the decision-making level.

  • Establishing a unified user management and authentication system

    to provide the unified user name, fingerprint authentication and other services.

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  • 1 1
    Realizing intensive management of user identity, user attributes, user behavior and user authentication of many information systems.
  • 2 2
    Promoting the integration of various systems of ADBC, and provide users with a more friendly system feeling.
  • 1 3
    Improving the login efficiency of internal and external systems and the management level of personnel's identity and authority.
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Agricultural Development Bank of China

In the process of the unified identity authentication platform project of Agricultural Development Bank of China, your company was faced with many difficulties, such as tight construction period and heavy tasks. The members of the project team were conscientious, proactive and worked overtime, solved all kinds of problems with solid technical skills, completed the system construction task with good quality and quantity, and showed their due professionalism.

The current achievements of this project are the result of the joint efforts of the project team. I would like to express my gratitude to Gong, Pei, Wang, Guo, Zhong and other project members, and hope that your company will make persistent efforts to support the stable operation of the follow-up system.

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